Monday, April 12, 2010

A day in the park...with Nikki

GerriAnne and Sonia hosted a class this past weekend with designer Nikki Sivils. She brought some products from her "Willow Bee" line and we made an album together. The gals from KNK first heard about Nikki at CHA summer 09. She is a new designer, with some adorable products. This is the 2nd time that she has come and done a class with the KNK girls who could come to Fort Myers, FL. It was the first time (aside from meeting her in the booth at CHA) that I got to meet her, and have a class with her. It was amazing!!
When I saw the products we were going use for our mini-album, I had the perfect photos! My class took a trip to a local park after a field-trip, and VOILA~~here is my album (it needs a little more work, but you get the idea).

If ever get a chance to take a class with Nikki, I would strongly suggest you do. She is a great teacher and fun to be around. Check out the Creativity Boutique for some of Nikki's current products!

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  1. very cute album, wish I could have ben there!