Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Photo Challenge

It's been a while since we had a photo challenge, let's do something fun with our cameras! The weather has started to cool off a little for most of us, making it a bit more bearable to be outside, and with autumn on the horizon there should be some great photo-ops on the way. So let's have a autumn-themed photo-scavenger-hunt! Take one photo of as many of the following as you can (or want to):
1. a pumpkin
2. a scarecrow
3. leaves
4. apples
5. hay
6. a spider
7. acorn(s)
8. pinecone(s)
9. corn
10. football
11. baking
12. school bus
13. a tree
14. wagon
15. gourds
16. an orchard
17. rain
18. red
19. orange
20. yellow

This challenge will be closed on November 1st!! You have lots of time, think creatively and have fun. Those who participate will be eligible to be in the drawing for a RAK. You can have your name added one time extra for every layout you create and post in the gallery, using one of the photos you took for the challenge.
You can link us up to a photo album such as Photobucket or Flickr, when you've finished. Just make sure you put the link in a comment on this post.
This is also posted in the KNK message board so if you're a member, feel free to post your pics there!
Have fun :)

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