Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recycling is a girls best friend!

Are your girls looking for new, hip jewelry for back-to-school? Are they bored by the long, hot summer and looking for something fun to do? Well, here's a project that will get them glammed up and ready for school without breaking the budget!
Check around the house (or at a yard sale) or if you are desperate you can go to Walmart, Target and get some plain old dominoes. Decorate them with alcohol ink...you can use a felt applicator and blending solution if you want to experiment with the effects, or use a q-tip, or just apply and let dry. You will probably want to stay with lighter shades of colors.

Next you need to pick some stamps that will fit on the dominoes. The images can 'hang off' the dominoes, or they can just be background images. You are going to use a permanent ink (like staz-on) to stamp the images onto the dominoes. Be careful--the ink should be dry ( I let mine dry overnight just to be certain) and also even though the ink is dry, your image may slip when you stamp it onto the domino.

I used these amazing Alice in Wonderland stamps from TweetyJill. Creativity Boutique has some of the nature stamps and vintage stamps from TweetyJill (TJ) and some of their card kits and they are fantastic!!!!

Once you have your image stamped and are happy with the way it looks, take a metallic sharpie (they come in many awesome colors now...see)

and run it around the border of the domino so that it looks like you used metallic leafing. It will give it a beautiful finished look to it also.

For the finishing touch, you can turn it into a refridgerator magnet by putting a piece of magnetic tape on back or you can dazzle your friends by turning it into a beautiful necklace. Get a flatback bale from a place that sells jewelry findings

and glue it onto the back of the domino with some E6000. Now use some leather or other cording to make a chain and VOILA!!!!


  1. Great idea Roz, and I like the chux used under the alcohol inks - why didn't I think of that? Off to go find me some dominoes and metallic sharpies.....

  2. So doggone cute! Great idea!!!