Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's time to get some spring cleaning done...

Okay...have no fear...I'm not going to ask you to do windows...I'm going to tell you what I do to keep my stamping gear clean and ready to go.

First of all, if I pick up some new stamps and they are wood mounted...I always varnish the wood around the rubber image and along the sides...this allows me to easily clean off any ink that may get on the wood and my stamps look brand new; even after heavy use!

When I get a new image...I stamp it on white paper and put it in a binder that I have. This is my stamp inventory guide...very helpful when you are looking for a certain something to put on a card or layout; also helps to stop me from buying the same stamp more than once...(and yes, we've all done it)

To keep my acrylic blocks looking great and not covered in Stazon ink, I have found that alcohol ink blending solution is the best way to clean your blocks. It goes on easy and makes them sparkly like new.

If my acrylic stamps start to get a bit ugly...I will give them a little soak in a mild temperature bath that has just a tiny bit of dish soap in it...let them air dry and they are good as new...even renews the stickiness of them too.

I hope you don't mind this type of spring cleaning...and will share any tips you may have with our blog readers!!!

Happy crafting....Lynda