Saturday, February 27, 2010


About the history of our country both good and bad. events you have witnessed and how you felt when these events occurred. Did you scrap them? I would venture to say most of us did not. I know I did not even think of it until 9-11.

Many of us remember the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. On 9-11 we all know where we were and what our feelings and fears were as the travesty unfolded. These events were tragedies in our nations history.

Now what about the great things. As I have watched our young athlete's in the 2010 Winter Olympics how can you not be proud. These young people and their families have given up so much. They have done this not just for themselves, but to bring honor to our country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Now about that scrapbook, I have chosen to put these events and others in a separate scrapbook. I will put the good and the tragic, I will journal my feelings and reactions to these to the events of our life and country. Now you say "they will learn that in school" true they will. The question is will it mean as much to your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren reading it in your words and feelings. They will realize you were there when this all happened.

These are just thoughts from me to you. All of us experience and see remarkable things in our life. Remember when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon? Our children take that as a normal event. Most of us could tell them different when it all began.

Most of all remember to ; LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE AND SCRAP IT ALL!

Until next time, Barb


  1. I agree. I have done a 9-11 rememberence page! I would love to do some pages about the last few years working in public health and how our jobs have changed since 9-11.

  2. I love your blog post...hope to hear more from you Ms Barb!

  3. I haven't scrapped anything like that.... if I ever do a BOM I will likely do some pages like this, just to document my own feelings.