Sunday, February 7, 2010

OMG~~OMG~~OMG what a tip I have for you!!!!

The other day I was surfing for ideas and found an amazing one. Do you love those decorative bottle caps that are used as embellishments?I do but they are so very pricey, I hardly use them. About a year ago, I learned how to make my own, but it involved a lot of hammering and loud noise (not fun). Well, here is a super easy, quiet way to crunch bottle caps (and you can do up to 15 at a time!!!).
A few weeks ago my hubby and I were in a local produce store and I saw this bag of bottle caps in the home brew section (you know, where you can make your own beer).
I saw the price and had to get them (insert photo of hubby rolling his eyes)

Now comes the fun part...get out your Big Shot (or similar machine). Place the first acrylic pad on the platform. Arrange up to 15 bottle caps, upside down so the sharp edge is facing up) on the pad, then cover with the 2nd acrylic pad.

Now run this through the bigshot...

and you are going to do the happy dance when you take off the top acrylic pad~~you have smooth topped bottle caps that are soooooo ready to be decorated for you to use on layouts, cards, and any other papercrafting project you come up with~

To decorate, use a 1" circle punch to cut paper that coordinates with your project.

Adhere it to the inside of the bottle cap with glossy accents. Cover the paper with glossy accents to seal. Be careful that you don't get airbubbles (you can use a paper piercer to break the bubbles if you have any). Set aside to dry overnight...

When it dries, it will look like this (yes, this is different paper but it was already dry to show you)...


  1. Holy cow, Roz, this is sooo cool!!! Excellent instructions too! TFS!

  2. Roz, what a cool idea!!! Now I just need a BigShot :) It was time anyway.....

  3. Very cool Roz! I have a stash of bottle caps, but have yet to use them! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. wow what a fabbie tip thats it i'm off down to my local beer makng store for some well done you xx

  5. wow! great tip. Off to the beer/wine making store. TFS.

  6. What a great idea! We may have to switch from cans to bottles...