Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Use those tools challenge

We all have that drawer or bin in our workrooms. You know, the one that is filled with all those "I just have to have it" fun things that either you never took out of the closet or used once and put away. Well, the joint design teams for Kit n Kaboodle and Creative Boutique are issuing a challenge to all of you like us who have tools we seldom use. We are hoping you will join us on the KnK message board and participate in our challenge. Over the next couple of weeks, various members of both teams will pick a tool, use it, show the result and then challenge you to do the same. Come join in the fun!

PAPER CRIMPER: I just had to have a paper crimper when I saw a demo done at a stamp art store where the instructor/owner took a sheet of vellum, folded it and made beautiful leaves by running the paper through a crimper. I used it to make a couple of leaves and there it sat until recently.

I ran the precut sheet of patterned paper through the crimper, cut out a heart shape and the leaves and did the same. I love the texture and interest these crimped papers bring to the card.

Please let us know if you have any interesting way of using your paper crimper by commenting here and/or joining in the challenge on the KnKclub.com message board. Can't wait to see!


  1. I like to put wire through mine.
    You can make nice shapes like hearts from the crinkled wire :)

  2. great idea....not sure if I have a crimper or not though ;)