Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is in the air

When the weather chills our bones in the winter and we think that icky white stuff is never going to stop covering the ground, our thoughts (at least mine) turn to Spring with its promises of mild, sunny days and gardens beginning to flower.

This is just what happened to me this past week when we were experiencing still another gloomy and cold winter day. In an attempt to bring some sunshine into my day, I decided to make gift bags and tags for friends. These are the result. Rather than using a fabric dye on the 4x4 canvas totes, I used diluted Glimmer Mist and/or Adirondack and 7 Gypsies' color washes. I prepared my mixes until I got just the light springy colors I wanted and soaked the bags. If the color became too deep or dark, a simple spraying from my kitchen nozzle changed that easily.

I also dyed tulle, tags, lace and ribbons at the same time and used hand made and pre made flowers. I stamped on one and highlighted the stamped image with metallic inks. I hope my friends will enjoy these gifts made with love.


  1. These are just gorgeous Jules!! Anybody would be thrilled to receive one. You always do such delicate, tasteful work.

  2. beautiful Jules, you always think outside the box and make georgeous creations!

  3. Jules those are simply gorgeous!!!!