Monday, January 18, 2010

Driving Me Banana's!!!!

Are your kids (or co-workers) driving you crazy by planning a Valentine Party? Are you shocked when you see how much those 'adorable' Valentine cards cost at your local discount store? Want to do something unique, fun, creative, and inexpensive instead? Here is a great little treat bag that you can whip up in minutes!

My treat bag is made with a plastic bag that I found in the craft department (box of 250 was about $3) and some candies I found at my local Walmart. If you prefer, you can use the snack size plastic zip top bags. For my treat bag, I chose stamps I found in the stamp set called Changito POP (Creativity Boutique ) and stamped it onto some Artsy-licious paper by Chatter Box. I made my topper a little wider than the plastic bag, and tall enough for my stamp to fit. I stamped the monkey onto a scrap of white cardstock, colored him in, and stuck him onto the topper. To adhere the topper to the plastic bag, I just used my tape runner and stuck it on.

You may be tempted to do lots of embellishing for your bag, but remember that the topper, although adorable, will probably end up in the trash. My recommendation is to keep it really simple.
Children of all ages would love to be surprised by this cute Valentine Treat!


  1. I am totally doing this with Katy this year. Like I don't have enough stuff to make them already LOL... why buy cheesy valentines when you could give out these little cuties!? Thanks Roz!

  2. This is adorable great little gift!

  3. Better post the ones you make Amy!!! Can't wait to see them.