Thursday, January 21, 2010

Multi photos on one page layouts

I prefer one page layouts. For me, they offer the opportunity to capture the moment and it is rare that I put more than three or four photos on one. But, some layouts just call out for the telling of the story as well as capturing the moment and for that I have found creating a mini album placed on the layout to be the perfect solution.

I cut two 12 inch x 5 inch strips of card stock that coordinated with the layout papers. I scored these every five inches, starting at one end. I overlapped the short ends one front and one back of each other and adhered. I folded forward and backward along the scores to form the mini album. I attached a ribbon under the book and a second across the front to keep the mini closed when not being viewed. I adhered the back into place on the layout after I had placed the pictures inside that helped me tell the story.

I would like you to share with us ways in which you have found work well for placing multiple photos on a one page layout. I will put the name of every person who responds with a suggestion into a hat and have a drawing in one week for a winner who will receive a prize from my personal stash. Please put your ideas in the comments section. Thanks,


  1. I like to print out photos into sizes such as 3x3, wallet etc and add them along with one photo (4x6 or 5x7 even) that showcases the story/layout. THis way, there is one bigger focal image, and then 3-4 supporting photos that tell other details.

  2. that's so cool! great concept Jules, I love multi-photos on a page too. Your layout turned out so cute!