Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glitter and Flocking Galore

So many memories of my childhood Christmases center around the tiny cardboard houses my grandmother would put under her tree. Each house was painted in sparkly paint and the roofs of each were laden with flocking to represent snow. I have carried this love of flocking and glitter with me to my adulthood and use these often in presents I made for others or for decorations I make for our home.

We roamed through our little town not long ago and there was an artists' alley set up on one of the side streets. I found this original watercolor Christmas card done by one of our local artists and knew it was just the thing for making a floating frame decoration.

The floating frame I found at our local craft store had a solid black frame and was far too severe for the Christmas card of Santa so I altered it to make it work better. I dabbed Adirondack inks in Cranberry and Pesto (available in the KNK store) over the black and added gold krylon ink with a sponge.

While the frame dried (and it took a couple of hours), I got out my flocking, glitter (KNK Dec. Kit)and Stickles (available in the KNK store) and added some glam to Santa. I used soft pencils to bring out a bit more of the color and I painted on the Stickles for better control and placement.

For a final touch, I added a pick that I had found in last years' Christmas wrapping paper box. The entire gift takes about 3 hours start to finish but can be done in stages and is not labor intense. Hope you give this a try!


  1. As a child (and still) my FAVORITE cards that we got for Christmas has flocking and glitter on them... and mom always let me have them after they came down after Christmas, and I would save them all for next year!

  2. This is truly spectacular!!!!!