Saturday, December 26, 2009

T'was the Day after Christmas

and I must confess,
The entire house
Is quite a mess.

There are wrappings galore
all around the tree
and dirty dishes abandoned
with disturbing glee

The unwrapped presents
stacked hither and yon
make an obstacle course
for tripping upon

And this morning in my jammies
with sleep in my eyes
I can only wonder
whose house do I spy?

It's obvious that we
sure had some fun
and worth all the clean up
that must be done

And Tidy Maid said
as she drove out of sight
I'm not cleaning your house,
It's too much of a fright.

So you know what I'll be doing
far into the night
Merry Day after Christmas
is not a delight!

Hope your Christmas was a good one and that Santa brought you all on your list!


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  2. Sorry, i goofed. what i said was...
    OMG Jules, i love your poem. I bet i describes how 97% of us feels.