Friday, December 11, 2009

An oldie but a goodie!

Hello everyone.
I have had one of those manic weeks ... you know the ones ... where you are merrily plodding along and the wheels start dropping off right, left and centre. Today of all things my camera has decided to hang onto the pictures I had taken for you ... so I am afraid I have had to improvise ... this is an old style of card ... but still a nice one to make for that special someone.
I have used Distress inks, Stampendous embossing powders and lots of sparkle in my designs ... but the sky really is the limit with this one!
1. Cut four pieces of card 8 ¼” by 5 ¾”
2. Score all four pieces of card 2 1/16” from  each end to form a tri-fold.
3. On one piece score again at 1 7/8“ from each end to form a mini spine.
4. Line all the corners up and round them off .
5.Cut a further piece of card 8” by 5 ½“ and score down the middle and round all four corners.
6. Line the three tri-fold cards up end to end and tape the middle flaps to the outer two cards so you now have a long card.
7. On your spined card make holes at 2 ¾” and 3 ½” approx ¾” in from the spine on each side with your hole punch tool.
8. Now cut a straight line from each edge of your circle to form a slot.
9. Feed a piece of ribbon through the slot that is long enough to go around the card and tie.
10. Adhere the back of the middle part of your long card to cover the ribbon part of your spined card.
11. Adhere your final card to the front of the middle part of your long card to form an insert.

12. Decorate as desired!

Have a good weekend ... See you next Friday!