Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How About a Hanging Holiday To-do List!

This little ditty can be found at any Office Supply company and looks like this..

It can be hung on the wall or it comes with magnets for the back of it if you wanted to put it on your refrigerator.
I used the December KNK kit as the papers are so beautiful and cut a piece that fit the board, centered so I'd get the bird on there just right. Also used some of the extra embellishments that came with it and put them on the outside of the board using glue dots. Note the fluff down in the right corner too, after all, it's winter, right? I used Scrappy Glue to put that on. I had some red glittery Thickers to put my "Today" on the outside of the board as well. On the left side is a bit of velcro where I will attach my erasable pen that I will use to write on the acrylic board.
These are fun as you can change out the paper in it to match a new season and continue to have a To-do list to write reminders on!

Hope you got an idea for a gift for yourself or someone else for the holidays!


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